(Ghawth al-Alam Mehboob-e-Yazdani Hazrat Mir Auhad’uddin
Sultan Saiyed Makhdoom Ashraf Jahangir Semnani r.d.)

Ashraf-e-Simna Academy
(Head Office)
Sanjarnagar,Himatnagar 383001
Dist : Sabarkantha

Kichhouchha Shareef.
Dist: Ambedkernager (U.P)
E-mail: info@ashrafesimna.org

Ashraf-e-Simna Academy. (ASA)

Year Of Establishment :-

The Ashraf-e-Simna Academy was established in 2001 in Gujrat- India  with the sole purpose of uplifting the human beings  academically and spiritually. The chief founder and chairman of the organization is Ashraful-Ulema Hazrat Saiyed Mohammed Ashraf.

Our Spritual Guide :-

The main purpose of this academy is to carry forward the welfare carried by Hazrat Sultan Saiyed Makhdoom Ashraf Jahangir Simnani (R.A) and Saiyedina Hazrat Abd'al Razzaq Noor al-Ayn al-Ashrafi al-Jilani (R.A)

Our Mission is Dedicated to:-

Hazrat Sultan Saiyed Makhdoom Ashraf Jahangir Simnani (R.A)

Aims And Objectives :-

1. Permuting education and creating awareness of education in community.

Ashraful-Ulema has taken a mission to establish this academy not only in India but also in other part of the world, as a result this there are many sub braches have been established across India, Ashraful-Ulema is motivating  all the members and trustees of the academy to focus towards education and visit remote places to establish the educational institutes.

2. Providing Social, Economical, Education, Health , guidance

The aim of this academy is not only to provide education but it also looks for the other needs of community which is Social welfare- the academy is more focused on maintaining unity not only within Muslim community but also maintaining unity between other religions. Every speech of Ashraful-Ulema strongly advice to the followers to maintain peace and unity. Guidance on economical growth- Academy has taken strong initiatives to create self employment methods and techniques to develop the economical conditions in the society.

3. Utilizing latest techniques to improve education

To compete with the latest world, the academy is introducing the latest techniques of education in all the education institutes, this include setting up the computers in all the schools and colleges, setting up the latest scientific laboratories, which helps the students to enhance their knowledge and compete with others.

4. Creating awareness in the community to have unity within our self and respect to other communities.

I have personally seen Ashraful-Ulema guiding each and every individual of the academy to work towards the equity and unity of the community and to maintain the same equity and unity and respect with other communities.

5. Guiding and generating sources of employment to develop well economical structure in the community.

The most important aspect of any community is to have well economical structure; this academy is constantly working to find the ways to develop the economical conditions of the community. The important step towards developing the economical conditions is to set up self employed diploma courses and ITI colleges, where students need not depends jobs or interviews.

6. Education welfare to form Technical, Engineering, Medical, and other self employed education institutes.

The dream of Ashraful-Ulema is to set up Technical, Medical and Engineering institutes under this academy. Each and every individual who is associated with this academy is working day and night to come through the dream of Ashraful-Ulema.

7. Encouraging the trustees-

Ashraful-Ulema has taken personal interest to encourage each and every individual who are working as a part of this academy, this includes the providing free accommodation and housing facilities, educational plans to their families.

8. Establish the communication media to create the educational, social awareness.

This academy is aiming to form communicational medias to create Educational, Social, Economical awareness in the community. Currently there is a monthly magazine (Tariquat) in place; this academy is working hard to establish a daily news paper.

9. Celebrating festivals under the supervision of trustees.

This academy has it own way of celebrating festivals. Every festival is celebrated under roof of Ashraf-e-Simna academy; the aim behind celebrating the festivals is to form the unity and equity.