(Ghawth al-Alam Mehboob-e-Yazdani Hazrat Mir Auhad’uddin
Sultan Saiyed Makhdoom Ashraf Jahangir Semnani r.d.)

Ashraf-e-Simna Academy
(Head Office)
Sanjarnagar,Himatnagar 383001
Dist : Sabarkantha

Kichhouchha Shareef.
Dist: Ambedkernager (U.P)
E-mail: info@ashrafesimna.org

Sufie-Millat Syed Jahangir Ashraf

Hazrat Peer-e-tarikat Sufi-e-Millat Saiyed Jahangir Ashraf Ashrafi Jilani. Kichhouchvi

Family background and genealogy :-

His genealogy transmits from 37th ancestors to Holy Prophet. And his genealogy transmits from 24 ancestors to Ghawth al-A'zam Hazrat Shaykh Abd al-Qadir al-Jilani Radi 'Allahu ta'ala anhu, who distributed the blessings and spirituality to the four corners of the world, And also his genealogy transmits from  ancestors to Hazrat Makhdoom Sultan Saiyed Ashraf Jhangir Simnani Rehmatullahi alaih.

Name :- Hazrat Peer-e-tarikat Sufi-e-Millat Saiyed  Jahangir Ashraf Ashrafi Jilani.

Peer-e-Tarikat = Spritual Master and Guide.

Sufi-e-Millat = Leader of Sufism.

Father :-

Their father Aala Hazrat Quari Hafiz-e-Millat Saiyed Shabbir Ashraf - Ashrafi Jilani. Their father was the first person to become Hafiz with Quirate-e- Saba( Reading Quaran in 7 different ascent) after Huzur Sultan Saiyed Makhdoom Ashraf Jahangir Simnani ( R.A)and Huzrat Abd'al Razzaq Noor al-Ayn (R.A). in entire Ashrafi family, As well as being a highly noble and just ruler they were also a great scholar, theologian and Sufi.

Mother :-

Their mother Makhadooma Saiyeda Mohammadi Iqbal Bano is the doughter of Huzur Saiyed Mohammed Mohadis-e-Azam Kichochavi (R.A), Their entire life was spent under the roof of Huzrat Mohadis-e-Azam.  She was a very religious and pious lady particularly renowned for her punctuality in  tahajjud  prayer. 

Sons :-  

Huzrat Sufi-e-dauran  Saiyed Dastageer Ashraf Ashrafi-Jilani.

Huzrat Ashraful-ulema Abul Husan Saiyed Mohammed Ashraf Ashrafi-Jilani.

Huzrat Saiyed Ahmed Ashraf Ashrafi-Jilani.


Place of Birth :-

Huzrat Sufi-e-Millat were born in 29 Safer 1355 Higri(21 May 1936) in Kichhouchha Sharif – U.P - India it is the same  holy city which is capital of Walis( Friend of allah) It is the place where Saiyed Makhdoom Ashraf(R.A) spreads their spiritualism and grace, which will be benefited to every one till the day of judgment.

Bismillah Khani-by Mohadis-e-Azam Kichochavi (R.A)  And Education :-

In accordance with the tradition of family, when he attained the age of four years four month and four days, his auspicious Bismillah khani was a history in Ashrafi Family which was performed by his esteemed grand father Huzur Saiyed Mohammed Mohadis-e-Azam Kichochavi (R.A) in a very spiritual surroundings, after this, the entire education of Huzrat Sufi-e-Millat was undertaken under the guidance and supervision of Huzur Huzur Saiyed Mohammed Mohadis-e-Azam Kichochavi (R.A).

Personality and Invention :-

The personality of Huzrat Sufi-e-Millat can be defined by following lyric, There is a definition of “Wali” in Urdu ( A Wali( Friend of Allah) is one after looking on to his face and his listings  we remember  “Allah”. Huzrat Sufi-e-Millat, is noble, compassionate, generous and honorable person, and like all truly great men extremely humble and modest. It is undeniable fact that eloquence is his hereditary asset. He has been eloquence as Sufi-e-Millat. I have personally heard many of the followers saying

“Nigahe Wali Main Woh Tasir Dekhi

Badalte Hazaron Ki Taqhdeer Dekhi”


(Meaning – By the grace of great this Wali (Friend of Allah) we have seen changes in the luck)

There are so many inventions which were made by  Huzrat Sufi-e-Millat in terms of  Sufi solutions and many different sort of medicines. Huzrat Sufi-e-Millat has a dream of putting all their inventions to a book. In near future this will be published……...

Great Sufi :-

Huzrat Sufi-e-Millat is one of a great Sufi in the world.  The entire childwood of Huzrat Sufi-e-Millat was governed by Huzrat Mohadis-e-Azam, based on the talent and enthusiasm of Huzrat Sufi-e-Millat to learn the Sufi education, Huzrat Mohadis-e-Azam, transfer entire sufi education to Huzrat Sufi-e-Millat, that’s how Huzrat Sufi-e-Millat started in ‘Sufi’ world and become famous as a Sufi not only in India but also many parts of world.

I personally thrilled the way Huzrat Sufi-e-Millat travel the remote parts not only in India also other part of the world to spread the Mukhadoomi Mission to spread Silsila Ashrafiya in way to resolve issues of the  human being. I have personally seen thousands to come and visit Huzrat Sufi-e-Millat and get resolve all their problems and issues.

Spiritual Treatment :-

Huzrat Sufi-e-Millat has a unique way of spiritual treatment for their followers. They have solutions to many problems. Some of their spiritual treatments as I aware are,

  1. Protecting the follower from devils and worldly problems
  2. Spiritual treatment of health related problems with the help of Quaran and Sufi education.
  3. Helping and advising students and employment seekers
  4. Spiritual Treatment of those who has trouble in the business matter.
  5. Spiritual treatment of the society to overcome the financial burdens.
  6. Spiritual treatment of married couples to have children

Finally Huzrat Sufi-e-Millat has solution to all the day to day problems by the grace of “Allah” and believed prophet Mohammed (S.A.W)

Haj and Visit of Sacred Places :-

It becomes quite clear from the study of history of mysticism that walis  (Friends of Allah) have travelled much to the sacred places and obtained spiritual bounty from there. In this difficult journey, they pass from forest, mountains, deserts and rivers facing great trouble in the way. Huzrat Sufi-e-Millat too like his ancestors has been paying visit to different Shrines of Aulia and sacred places in India and abroad. There is no shrine of any Wali (Friend of Allah) where he did not go and receive bounty. He is instinctively inclined to pay visit to holy places.