(Ghawth al-Alam Mehboob-e-Yazdani Hazrat Mir Auhad’uddin
Sultan Saiyed Makhdoom Ashraf Jahangir Semnani r.d.)

Ashraf-e-Simna Academy
(Head Office)
Sanjarnagar,Himatnagar 383001
Dist : Sabarkantha

Kichhouchha Shareef.
Dist: Ambedkernager (U.P)
E-mail: info@ashrafesimna.org

Aljamiatul-Shabbirya Ashrafiya Darul Quirat. (ASAD)


Establishment :-

Aljamiatul-Shabbirya Ashrafiya Darul Quirat was established in 1May 2001 at Megrej Dist-Saberkanta Gujarat (India)

Founder & Chairman :-
Hazrat Abul Husan Ashraful-ulema Saiyed Mohammed Ashraf Ashrafi-Jilani

Spiritual Patron :-
Hazrat Makhdoom Sultan Saiyed Asharaf Jahangir Simnani (R.A.)

Nazime –
Ala :-
Hazrat Abul Husan Ashraful-ulema Saiyed Mohammed Ashraf Ashrafi-Jilani.

Preface :-

Aljamiatul-Shabbirya Ashrafiya Darul Quirat is one of the most renowned, prominent and conspicuous Islamic institutions of this subcontinent producing a large number of savants and Quari of Islam. Who have been serving religion, Islam, in different parts of the country and abroad with dedication and zeal.

It has been named as Aljamiatul-Shabbirya Ashrafiya Darul Quirat signifying its attachment with Aala Hazrat Hafiz-e-Millat Quari Saiyed Shabbir Ashraf - Ashrafi Jilani  was not only a Hafiz of his time but also a great Quari after Huzur Sultan Saiyed Makhdoom Ashraf Jahangir Simnani ( R.A)and Hazrat Abd'al Razzaq Noor al-Ayn (R.A). They were become hafiz at early  age of 11 year, this was a faizan(Grace) of Huzur Ashraf Jahangir Simnani( R.A) and completed the Quirate-e- Saba( Reading Quran in 7 different ascent) at the same age.It has been established in city of Megrej-Gujarat (India)

Educational Conference :-

He convened an educational convention under the grace of Aala Hazrat Hafiz-e-Millat Quari Saiyed Shabbir Ashraf - Ashrafi Jilani in 30 June 2001 in order to seek advices and suggestions of Moshaikh and Olmas (savants of Islam) for Aljamiatul-Shabbirya Ashrafiya Darul Quirat. A large number of dignitaries belonging to Madrasas attended it. Hazrat Ashraful-ulema Saiyed Mohammed Ashraf (Founder & Chairman)   presented the aims and objectives of Aljamiatul-Shabbirya Ashrafiya Darul Quirat  and sought their full cooperation and suggestions. They whole heartedly supported it and promised to stand by him sincerely for the development of Aljamiatul-Shabbirya Ashrafiya Darul Quirat. Some of eminent personalities who graced the convention with their presence were:

  • Hazrat Shaikhul Islam Saiyed Mohammed Madani Ashrafi Jilani.
  • Hazrat Sufi-e-Millat Saiyed Jahangir Ashraf Ashrafi-Jilani
  • Hazrat Rais-e-Millat Saiyed Rais Ashraf Ashrafi-Jilani.
  • Maulana Gulam Ashraf

Beginning of Education :-

In accordance with the announcement made in the educational convention, teaching in Aljamiatul-Shabbirya Ashrafiya Darul Quirat Started in 2001 from Quirat class. Students from different states took admission in the Quirat class.

Dreams & Work of its founder :-

It is an unforgettable fact that Aljamiatul-Shabbirya Ashrafiya Darul Quirat is the outcome of untiring efforts, Zeal and Sincerity Hazrat Abul Husan Ashraful-ulema Saiyed Mohammed Ashraf Ashrafi-Jilani, who fulfiled the wishes of his grandfather Aala Hazrat Hafiz-e-Millat Quari Saiyed Shabbir Ashraf - Ashrafi Jilani  . The history of Ashrafi order can't forget his sacrifices for this institution of Quirat rather it will be a golden chapter of its history. He is the pivot round which Aljamiatul-Shabbirya Ashrafiya Darul Quirat revolves. In his thinkings, imaginations, and planning’s Aljamiatul-Shabbirya Ashrafiya Darul Quirat prevails.

He sleeps with the planning of Aljamiatul-Shabbirya Ashrafiya Darul Quirat and awakes with a new planning for its further developments. In the beginning, some one might have thought that Aljamiatul-Shabbirya Ashrafiya Darul Quirat would be crippled with the passage of time and it would loss its existence as today institution opens and closes. But the credit for its attractive progress goes to its founder who is facing all kinds of challenges and obstacles in its way, continued marching ahead with determination and Zeal under the flag of Aljamiatul-Shabbirya Ashrafiya Darul Quirat.

He wants to bring Aljamiatul-Shabbirya Ashrafiya Darul Quirat on international level as a great Islamic institution in India with all facilities of modern trend of education. In fact, the need of hour is to do so and he is going to this direction with the support and good wishes of Hazrat Sufi-e-Millat Saiyed Jahangir Ashraf Ashrafi-Jilani.

Facilities :-

  • Education
  • Books & Courseware
  • Accommodation
  • Food

Education :-

Students get free education throughout the year. After the month of Ramadan festival, through advertisement the students/parents will be called for submitting the applications, this will be via news paper or media based on certain prequalification students will be short listed for admission. There will not be any fees/charges for admissions.

Books & Courseware :-

Once student gets admission, all the books and courseware are provided free of cost, all the educational facilities are well equipped with libraries to provide addition books to the student other then the academic courseware.

Accommodation :-

The main reason of illiteracy in Muslim community is lack of financial aid to go for education, After visiting so many places Ashraful-Ulema Saiyed Mohammed Ashraf  realized, if we want to spread education in the community then education and accommodation both should be free of cost. All the educational institutes which are formed by Ashrafu-Ulema are having facility of free education and accommodation.

Each facility center is constructed in locality which is suitable and convenient to get the education without any disturbance and any hassles This is a major step in improving the education and bringing the poor and needy children to compete with other community.

Food :-

Ashraful-Ulema personally keep track of each facility center to watch the food quality. Every facility center is well equipped to provide free food on time to each student.