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Syed Abdul-Razzaque Noorul-Ain(R.A)

Haji al-Haramayn, Makhdoom al-Afaaq, Shaykh al-Islam, Saiyedina Huzrat Abd'al Razzaq Noor al-Ayn al-Ashrafi al-Jilani (Rehmatullahi alaih)- Kicchocha Shareef –

Family Background and Genealogy :-

Titles :-     Noorul Ain

His genealogy transmits from 23th ancestors to Holy Prophet. And his genealogy transmits from 10th ancestors to Ghawth al-A'zam Huzrat Shaykh Abd al-Qadir al-Jilani Radi 'Allahu ta'ala anhu

Father :-

- Huzrat Saiyed  Abdul Ghafoor Hasan Jilani(R.A)

Huzrat Saiyed Shah Abdur Razzaque Noorul Ain (R.A.) is a renowed and distinguished mystic of his time who left his native land, Hama Sharif, Syria with Huzrat Sultan Saiyed Ashraf Jahangir Simnani (R.A.) and made Kichhoucha Sharif his permanent abode. Huzrat Makhdoom Simnani adopted him as his Farzande Manwi (Spiritual Son) to see him fascinated and captivated. As a result of this relation with Huzrat Saiyed Ashraf Simnani, the family of Sadate Hasnain is known as Khanwadai Ashrafia (Family of Ahrafi) in the world. Let us study his life and deeds.

Holy Birth :-

Huzrat Abd'al Razzaq Noor al-Ayn Rehmatullahi alaih was born in Hama, Syria between 750 - 752 A.H. He was the son of Huzrat Saiyed Abd'al Ghafoor Hasan al-Jilani Radi' Allahu Anho. It was on one of the many travels  of Huzrat Makhdoom Ashraf Radi Allahu'Anhu that when he used to visit Syria, and see his cousin Huzrat Saiyed Abd'al Ghafoor Hasan al-Jilani Radi Allahu'Anhu he was entrusted Huzrat Abd'al Razzaq Noor al-Ayn Rehmatullahi alaih. At the age of only twelve he had left his family to join his great uncle Huzrat Makhdoom Ashraf Radi Allahu 'Anhu. Huzrat Makhdoom Ashraf Radi Allahu 'Anhu loved and cared for his nephew and brought him up as his own dearest son, and his Khalifa. They remained together like father and son until Huzrat Makhdoom Ashraf Radi Allahu Anhu passed away.

Education under holy supervision of Huzrat Makhadoom Ashraf (R.A) :- 

Huzrat Saiyed Makhdoom Simnani (R.A.) took special care for his education as he was only twelve years old. He himself got him completed Hifz with Querate Saba (Seven Querats) and taught him,all books of theology like Hadith, Tafsee, Fiquah, Osule Fiqua, Kalam etc. He made him versed in all these subjects. Though he received unfathomable knowledge from Makhdoom Simnani, but he wanted to learn more and more. Once he was going Mecca with Noorul Ain (R.A.) by a ship in which a Savant of Islam.

Moulana Azam Jamaluddin Bakhshi was sitting.He was a wellknown scholar of Islam. Huzrat Noorul Ain went to him and began reading  Mohtasabi” from him. After some days, the ship anchored at Mesopotamia and the Moulana wanted to get down and go to Rome for his business of cloth. Huzrat Makhdoom Ashraf( R.A) asked him to stay in the ship to teach Noorul Ain(R.A) fully. Making estimate of his profit, he gave him one lack twenty thousand Dinar by asking his disciples to collect it from every corner of the ship. Moulana Jamaluddin continued teaching in the ship and finished the book. Again he was rewarded with one lack twenty thousand Dinar as he had promised. This time too he asked his followers to go and collect Dinar from different parts of the ship. This incident is enough to prove his carefulness to the education of Noorul Ain(R.A) and also indicates his miracle (Karamat) in the ship.

Spiritual Mentor as Huzrat Makhadoom Ashraf Simnani (R.A) :- 

Huzrat Makhdoom Simnani lived in the khanquah of his Shaikh, Huzrat Alaul Haque waddin, for many years deeply engrossed in meditation and abstinence (Reyazat). One day he was girding up his lions to be ready for the service of his Shaikh. Just at that time, he heared the sound of Nalain ( A pair of Shoe with wodden Saddle) of Shaikh. No sooner did he come out of his private apartment than he saw him standing there. Huzrat Alaul Haque (R.A.) enquired as to what was he doing . He replied that he was girding up his lions for the sake of service. The Shaikh had told him that if he fastened, he should tie it for ever. Huzrat Makhdoom Simnani readily replied that he had driven out Nafs (Spirit) for ever.

After this incident, his Shaikh, Alaul Haque, (R.A.) marked some changes on his face as he, in heart of hearts, was thinking who would be his successor because he had determined not to marry ever. Perceiving his anxiety, he went in to contemplation for two or three hours, then he raised his head and fore told that he would get a son who would illuminate his name in the world and that Farzand. Manwi (adopted son) would belong to his family.

First interaction with Huzrat Saiyed Makhdoom Ashraf Simnani(R.A) :- 

After passing a number of years in the company of his Shaikh at Pandawa Sharif, Huzrat Makhdoom Ashraf Simnani(R.A) left for Iraq, Syria and important places . Passing through Iraq, he arrived at Hama Sharif, Syria, where many Sadte Jilani (belonging to the family of Ghousul Azam-(R.A)) lived. He stayed at the house of Saiyed Abdul Ghafoor Hasan Jilani, father of Abdur Razzaque Noorul Ain (R.A.). Huzrat Nooril Ain (R.A.) was highly impressed to see him and passed most of his time in his company. Seeing his excessive passion for Makhdoom Ashraf Simnani(R.A), Huzrat Abdul Ghafoor Hasan Jilani(R.A) entrusted his son to him forgiving his all rights on him. His mother, who was his cousin, also wished him well and bid farewell. Huzrat Makhdoom Simnani accepted him as his Farzand Manwi (adopted son) in accordance with the prophecy of his Shaikh, Alaul Huque waddin (R.A.).

Abdur Razzaque(R.A) – “Peace of eyes” of Makhdoom Ashraf Simnani (R.A.)

“Ek Nigahe Murshid ne Kardiya Mujhe Sona

Main Tu Khakh Tha Ashraf Meri Kya Haqeeqat Hai”

( By – Huzrat Ashraful-Uluma)

It is a historical fact that Huzrat Makhdoom Simnani (R.A.) bestowed him all sorts of benediction and kindness and made him reach on the sublime status of spirituality which could not be gained by vigorous struggle (Mojaheda). His supplication and firm belief (Aquidat) with Shaikh, Saiyed Ashraf Jahangir Simnani (R.A.) can’t be expressed in words.

He accompanied him wherever he went and served him day and night.As a result of this matchless sincerity and affection with him, Huzrat Makhdoom Simnani endowed him with whatever he had received from his Shaikh Alaul haque waddin (R.A.)

Once, during conversation on the realities of knowledge (Marfat) and way to Allah ( Soluk) with eminent mystics like Khwaja Abdul Makarim Shaikh Ali and Shaikh tauquir Uddin , Huzrat Makhdoom Simnani said “ Allah has gifted me two graciousness viz. secret and pinnacle (Ser and Sar) I sacrificed both on Farzand (Son), Noorul Ain.Once Huzrat Makhdoom Simnani (R.A.) Said “ people give birth to children and I have brought Noorul Ain into being by my eyes”.

Once Huzrat Makhdoom (R.A.) fell ill in the mosque of Salehia, Damishque, and every one thought that he would not survive. His apostles, like Shaikh Ali Simnani, Shaikh Kabir and Shaikh Asil uddin etc were present there. Every one wanted to be his successor. After sometine, he came in sense and told that no one should think tobe his successor, as this had been endowed to Saiyed Abdur Razzaque Noorul Ain. Then he called Noorul Ain and blessed him.

Huzrat Noorul Ain (R.A.) narrates in “ Lataefe Ashraf” that once Saiyed Ashraf Jahangir was in vigorous grandeur giving glad tidings to his disciples. After a while, he turned his face towards him and told that he had sacrificed himself on him and did not withhold any thing from him. He further told that he prayed to Allah for his Children to be pious and accepted, and salik and Mazzoob might continue to be born in his family. Hearing it, Noorul Ain( R.A) put his head on his feet.

Ascendant to the Spiritual Throne( Janasheen )

On the 28th Muharram A.H 808, Huzrat Makhdoom Ashraf Radi Allahu 'Anhu made him his Janasheen (spiritual successor) the very day that he himself departed from this mortal world. Huzrat Nizamuddin Esfahani and other disciples were beside him at that particular time. He had entrusted all of his 'Asrare Ilahi' (divine secrets) to him and endowed his blessed Khirquah and other taburrakat as well.

Addressing all those that had gathered Huzrat Makhdoom Ashraf Radi Allahu 'Anhu spoke for the last time and said " Noor al-Ayn is my true son, he who will deviate from him will get nothing, and he who will remain with him, will get success in both worlds."  

When Huzrat Makhdoom Ashraf Radi Allahu 'Anhu was about to leave the world, Huzrat Abd'al Razzaq Noor al-Ayn Rehmatullahi alaih began to weep bitterly and said the following couplet :

Mara Maguzar tanha Dar gribi

Ke ghurbat badtar Az Jan Kandam nist”

 "Dont leave me alone in this world as being far from one's land is harsher than taking a life"

On hearing this Huzrat Makhdoom Ashraf Radi Allahu 'Anhu consoled him and said :

Madar Khali Az ham Nahini Morra

Ke Binam Tora gar na bini Mora”

"Dont think of yourself far from associations, that I will see you, if you will not see me"

Great Spiritual healer :- 

The spiritual greatness of Saiyed Abdul Razzaque Noorul Ain (R.A.) reached on such a peak of excellence and Loftiness that words are inadequate to express it. Huzrat Makhdoom Simnani (R.A.) brought him up with great care and filled his heart with the light of mysticism and spirituality to such an extent that he became embodiment of all spiritual virtues and qualities of him. Huzrat Noorul Ain remained in his service for Sixty eight years and during this period he was too faithful, obedient, good fearing and sincere to explain it.

Once Huzrat Makhdoom Simnani himself wanted to know his spiritual greatness practically. He said to Noorul Ain, “ Amir Ali beg, Turki has been in the service of this family for a long time, now he desires to be virtuous and godly, and still no one has laid his hand of sway on him, divert your attention so that I myself may assess your status of spirituality”. First, Huzrat Noorul Ain hesitated to do so but being compelled to do so, he obeyed and went in to observation to illuminate his dark world with the light of spirituality; within a few hours of observation, Amir Ali beg,s condition changed and he became a renewed mystic. Huzrat Makhdoom Simnani was glad and asked the learned men to ask difficult questions on any subjects, they asked and Amir Ali beg answered like a great Savant.

Wissal :-

Huzrat Abd'al Razzaq Noor al-Ayn Rehmatullahi alaih finally left this world on 872 A.H. His dargah (shrine) is right next to his Pir o Murshid Huzrat Sultan Saiyed Makhdoom Ashraf Jahangir Radi Allahu 'Anhu in Kicchocha Shareef.