(Ghawth al-Alam Mehboob-e-Yazdani Hazrat Mir Auhad’uddin
Sultan Saiyed Makhdoom Ashraf Jahangir Semnani r.d.)


Ashraf-e-Simna Academy
(Head Office)
Sanjarnagar,Himatnagar 383001
Dist : Sabarkantha

Kichhouchha Shareef.
Dist: Ambedkernager (U.P)
E-mail: ashrafmiyan@yahoo.com

Contact Numbers :

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A Glance here too ( Ek Nazar Idhar bhi)

Once the team of ashrafesimna.com visited Hazrat Ashraul-Ulema Abul Husan  Saiyed Mohammed Ashraf Ashrafi-Jilani to know the future plans and developments, some of the insights that came out from Ashraful-Ulema,

First of all I would like to thank Allah and his holy prophet (S.A.W) for providing energy in me to do something for human beings.

As per Ashraful-Ulema they are very happy with the progress on the current educational development and spiritual work that is benefiting many peoples and they thank each and every individual who are part of this success.

As per Ashraful-Ulema the main focus on coming days is to complete the constructions which are undergoing. They want to implement the latest techniques to develop the education in their current institution, examples, focusing more to have computer education.

More focus of Ashraf-e-Simna academy is to visit the remote places in India and encouraging the people to have education. Hazrat Ashraful-Ulema has decided to establish the comities across the world, where in each member of this committee will work only towards the welfare activities of community. This committee not only do welfare but also visit the remote place and find education needs of community.

Some of the future plans of Huzur Ashraful-Ulema :

Establishing technical institutes :

Ashraful-Ulema visited most part of the India and the observation out of visit is lack of technical education in the Muslim community. This drives the following ideas in Ashraful-Ulema

Establishing JODC and Diploma colleges :

JODC is Job Oriented Diploma College, the object behind this is, once students complete these course they may not wait for interview, this is a self employed diploma course where in after the completion of this the students can start their own employment.

Dream of Engineering College :

Not only in India but if we look back the other parts of the world we can hardly see engineers in Muslim community. This may be due to lack of guidance in the community or due to non availability of right resources. Alhamdulillah we are more talented then any others. 

Based on the survey Ashraful-Ulema have a dream to initiate the establishment of an engineering college.

As per Ashraful-Ulema they want to establish the engineering college in Gujrat, as the community in Gujrat is far away from education. For further updates we keep post the information.

Establishment of Management and medical colleges :

We really proud Ashraful-Ulema for a great thinking that they have for improving education in India, we heartily pray in Allah to come true all the dreams of Ashraful-Ulema. Some time this also comes out from them saying they want to establish management colleges and medical colleges in India, their dream is to have every thing in one umbrella.

Even though they have dreams of establishing Technical, Medical and Management but still the primary focus remains on the Islamic education.

We have seen Ashraful-Ulema to advise all of their followers to strictly follow the Islam and it is principal.

We request all the viewers and followers to pray for Ashraful-Ulema to come true this dreams. Especially we request each and every individual to come forward and help and advice for successfully implementation of all the dreams of Ashraful-Ulema. This not only helps our community but proves the educational talent of our youngsters.